About Page

A. Documentation of the Development Process

Explain to your audience the intent and purpose behind this website. What steps did you take in creating the website that ensured you met your objectives?

The purpose of this site is informational. He is called to introduce the client to general information about the pub, its location, hours of operation, to show the photos, videos to the client so that he can better immerse himself in the atmosphere of the institution

When the site was created, new technologies were used, such as HTML5 and CSS3, which made the site attractive and with responsive design for mobile devices.

B. Defense of the Final Product

Why did you make the specific design choices that you did? For each of your website’s pages, explain your rationale for the overall design, as well as the individual components (colors, typography, etc.). Support your choices with evidence of your consideration of the end user. What did you do to make your website engaging, professional, and easy to use?

Before the work began, the decisions of competitors in this field and their approach to solving this problem were studied. Colors and fonts were chosen in such a way that the final client who visits the site immediately plunged into the atmosphere and grandeur of this institution.

I think that the killer features of this site is its responsive design. In our time, customers are very demanding, so you need to meet modern standards and keep up to date. To achieve this was used technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

C. Opportunities for Improvement and Growth

Finally, explain what else you might like to do with this website in the future. What could you have done differently if you had more time or resources? What sorts of content, capabilities, pages, etc. might you want to include in future updates?

I think that in the future, it would be possible to add more interactivity and all sorts of animated effects using JavaScript. This would make the site more attractive to the end user.